International Yoga Day 2017

Mittwoch 21. Juni 2017. Es sind alle den ganzen Tag für kostenfreie Yogaklassen willkommen!

"The International Day of Yoga represents the international recognition that yoga has gained as a holistic approach to physical wellbeing, mental peace and emotional balance. Across the globe, millions of people have embraced yoga to attain health and harmony, and to explore their inner potential. The acceptance of the International Day of Yoga, with a record consensus vote at the United Nations General Assembly, was a historic moment for India. The openness and enthusiasm with which the world community has embraced yoga and the collective good will that yoga has inspired, is a matter of great happiness and joy which all can share. This day is of special importance for the Satyananda Yoga tradition, as it marks the fruition of the vakya, the vision and the prophecy of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, when in 1963 he proclaimed: “Yoga will emerge as a mighty world culture and change the course of world events.” 

Wir freuen uns an diesem Mittwoch folgende Klassen kostenfrei anzubieten:

9.30 Uhr - 10.30 Uhr stärkende Klasse mit Michaela
17.30 Uhr - 18.45 Uhr stärkende Klasse mit Michaela
19.00 Uhr - 20.15 Uhr sanfte Klasse mit Ewa

Teilnahme nur mit Anmeldung möglich, da die Plätze begrenzt sind:

Anmeldung International Yoga Day 2017